Aqua Riding With L Brands Employees

The last time I visited the local aqua riding park, I found it swamped with the folks who work at the adjacent L Brands store. I later came to understand that the L Brands employees were there on a team-building exercise. Further enquiries revealed that the employees had organized the team-building adventure (at the aqua riding park) by themselves, and on their own initiative. I found that intriguing, because in my experience, team-building adventures are usually organized — and financed — by employers. That the local L Brands employees could organize a team-building exercises on their own initiative, and at their own expense, was testament to just how committed they are to their work.

As the day progressed, I came to appreciate just how close the L Brands employees were to one another. I mean, they all seemed to be best friends to each other. And much as they had come to unwind, they nonetheless kept on discussing work-related stuff, including things to do with the aces limited brands workers portal that had been recently launched.

I also couldn’t help noticing how responsible the L Brands employees were. Whereas most of the other visitors to the aqua park weren’t so keen on taking proper care of the park’s facilities, the L Brands employees went out of their way in seeing that the facilities were used in the right manner. But then again, this could be something to do with the fact that the L Brand employees were there in their professional capacities, whereas the rest of us were there in our personal capacities…

Another thing I found interesting was how financially-disciplined the L Brands employees were. For the entire duration I was at the aqua riding park, not once did I see one of them buying a treat from the adjacent tuck shop. This notwithstanding the fact that there were ice creams and all manner of other alluring snacks on sale there. I couldn’t figure out how the L Brands employees could resist the temptation to buy something. But then again, I reckoned that maybe part of their adventure involved resisting the temptation to buy snacks.

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