Paying for an Aqua Ride Using a Target Gift Card

The last time I visited the local aqua riding park, I attempted to pay (for the aqua ride) using a Target gift card. I had received a Target gift card, with around 50 bucks, and I was at a loss as to what to use the money (in the gift card) on. Then the idea of using it to pay for an aqua ride came to my mind. So, accompanied by a couple of my friends, we proceeded to the local aqua riding park – looking forward to a day of great fun financed through the money in the gift card.

Before setting out for the visit to the aqua riding park, I first checked the gift card’s balance at According to the portal, the gift card had $50 in it — more than enough to finance quite a number of Aqua rides.

Surprisingly, and against all my expectations, the folks at the aqua riding park rejected payment through the gift card. They bluntly told me that they wouldn’t allow me to pay for aqua rides through the gift card – notwithstanding the fact that the gift card had more than enough money for the purpose. When I asked them why they wouldn’t accept payment through the gift card, they simply told me that they were under instructions not to accept such payments. That it was ‘company policy’. When I enquired further, they told me that I would need to talk to the aqua riding park’s management, to understand why exactly they don’t accept payments through gift cards.

Now my mind tells me that the aqua park people don’t accept payments through gift cards because they want to avoid the ‘complications’ that come with gift card payments processing. Or perhaps they have previously had bad experiences with patrons who were paying through the gift cards. Or perhaps they simply don’t understand how gift cards work – including the fact that gift cards are just as good as any other prepaid debit cards…

All in all, I was greatly disappointed at the turn of events. Especially the fact that we had to organize for alternative funding to finance the aqua rides(and the fact that I was embarrassed in front of my friends).

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