Why Our Local Aqua Riding Park is at Risk of Being Colonized by L Brands Employees


Our local aqua riding park is at risk of being taken over, and being fully colonized, by L Brands employees. I first visited the park some time towards the end of last year, and found some L Brands employees there on what seemed to be a team-building exercise. Since then, I have visited the aqua riding park two more times, and each time, I always find a bunch of L Brands employees there. The L Brands employees I have found in the aqua riding park during my last two visits weren’t there on team building exercises. They were there in their individual capacities, just hanging out and having fun. They actually seemed to have gone to the aqua riding park straight from work, given the fact that most of them were still in their L Brands t-shirts.

On making further enquiries, I was told that there is almost always a group of L Brands employees enjoying themselves at the aqua riding park. One of the employees at the aqua riding park then jokingly told me that the park is at risk of being fully taken over and colonized by the L Brands employees (who usually get their paychecks through the portal reviewed at www.associateresourcesetm.com).

But no one is complaining.

The people who run the local aqua riding park are doing brisk business with the L Brands employees. There is a possibility that the aqua riding park would be struggling, business-wise, if it wasn’t for the L Brands employees who frequent it.

On the other hand, us, the members of the local community, like the idea of having the L Brands employees at the aqua riding park most of the time. The park would be a dull place without them, and they do brighten it for sure.

As for the L Brands employees, they seem to be truly enjoying their time at the aqua riding park. Who are we  then to begrudge them when they are having such a good time?

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